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Learn to Use a Polarizing Filter

If you often photograph landscapes, then a polarizing filter is an important accessory. When you start using one, the difference will be visible right away. This article will explain the principles behind this filter, and what you can expect from it. Every photographer should know a bit about these filters: they’re good for more than just landscapes!

Delicious Photography

Food photography is a very specific genre. For one thing, you as the hungry photographer are mostly looking forward to the end of the shoot! But first you have to deliver quality work. And you can always see quality in food photography: if it makes you hungry or thirsty just looking at it, then it’s quality work.

Editor’s Choice: Seas And Lakes

Beaches are among the most crowded places on the planet. Where there’s lots of people, there’s lots of photographers too... and lots of photographs. Some are good, some are low-quality, some just have flawed composition. Fortunately for us, Zonerama is full of flawless beach pictures. They’ve made our work easy for today’s Editor’s Choice!

Send Real Postcards From Your Phone!

How often have you wanted to send postcards from your vacation, but you couldn’t find any you liked? Or you had trouble finding stamps or a mailbox? There’s an app for that! Zoner now offers a new way to send real postcards from anywhere, in minutes, straight from your phone.

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