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Cleaning Up Prior to Ushering in the New Year

The end of the year always provides a good opportunity to organize your thoughts, as well as your desk, for the coming year. With that thought in mind, as began removing some clutter from my desktop, I came across several news items that surfaced late in 2014 that I think you’ll find both interesting and useful as we all get set to begin a new year.

Editor’s Choice: Celebrate!

Celebrations and parties are key parts of our lives. They’re full of emotions, moods, foods… and for a photographer, more openness, better poses, and other people actually asking you to

Document Your Christmas. Focus on Emotions!

For many, Christmas is the most magical time of the year. The family is together, and it would be a shame not to document them together too. “Document” them? Yes—because Christmas photography can be about more than just children before the tree. How should you approach this task, and what equipment should you use? Read on to find out.

Editor’s Choice: Christmas

Christmas is magical for just about everyone, but especially for children. That’s why children’s smiling faces are front and center in Christmas photography. They’re also front and center in today’s selection of Christmas photos from our Zonerama users. Don’t forget: Christmas is a time of emotions and loved ones, so make sure all of that makes its way into your photos!

Last Minute Holiday Photo Shopping

While we saw a veritable sled-full of great photo gear this year, here are few relatively inexpensive items we eyed that we think make excellent gifts for shutterbugs of all levels, without blowing your holiday budget out of the water.

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