Jaroslav Mikoska

I became interested in photography as a hobby 15 years ago. Gradually, I found my own path, and actually, I’m still finding my way. A little fun hobby became my passion. I’ve started to pursue photography intensively over the last four years. I’ve gradually tried different genres, starting with landscape photography, to reportage, wedding, and posed photoshoots with firefighters, which has been my profession for almost 18 years. I try to incorporate a common element of creative light work in my photography. You can follow my work on social media or my website: https://jaroslavmikoska.cz/.

Fire Station Photo Story: Hoping Your Subjects Aren’t Called into Action

Doing an extensive photoshoot at the fire station requires more preparation than an ordinary shoot. I normally shoot firefighters in action using a more reportage style right at the scene or during training. This time, I wanted a more planned photoshoot with greater control over the results. At the same time, I wanted to experiment with different types of lighting, because light is fundamental to the theme of fire prevention.

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