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Creating an Unusual “Landscape Portrait”

Portraiture and landscape photography are two very different genres. But have you ever thought about joining them into one? In today’s article I’ll take a look at using multiple exposures to create a picture made up of both a portrait and a landscape. It’s basically a simple photo montage. We already know from past articles that replacing skies is easy in Zoner Photo Studio, and now we’ll see the same is true for combining multiple photos into one.

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Replacing Boring Skies

Surely you’ve run into this before: you’re in a place that you want to show off through some great photos, but the weather is against you. There’s a dull gray sky with no room for creativity. You have a subject that’s interesting, but the rest is boring. In most cases you can make use of tone mapping, gradient filters and the like, but there are also cases where there’s no adjustment that can make the sky look good, and yet something does have to be done with it. There is one last resort—replacing the sky.