Detailed Information for Authors


We prefer that you choose your own topics, but they must fall within these categories:

  • “photography school”—tips and recommendations for specific photographic disciplines
    • We’ve had articles on photographing people, weddings, products, and sometimes nature, but we still have many subjects left uncovered, e.g.
      • animals
      • nature (clouds, fields, mountains, etc.)
      • reportage, documentary, concerts, theater
      • sports
      • people—subjects beyond the classic portrait (children, seniors, couples, pregnancy, etc.)
      • interiors, architecture
      • macro, still-life
      • everything ;)
    • editing photos in Zoner Photo Studio
      • step-by-steps for work in ZPS
      • introductions to particular functions in ZPS, illustrations of their use
    • inspiration; photographic ponderings

Before suggesting an article, try searching for it on Every topic needs to first be approved by the editor.

Style and Contents

Mandatory article sections:

  • Title—a fitting, tempting title that distills the article’s contents.
  • Lead paragraph
    • summarizes the article, captures interest (about 200–500 chars)
    • readers click through, or don’t, based on this plus the title
  • Body Text
    • length 4000–8000 characters (but can be longer if the topic demands it and can’t be broken into multiple articles)
    • visually separated into paragraphs/sections via subheadings, or if appropriate boxes/citations
    • each article should ideally refer to a past article and if possible should mention ZPS (+link)
  • Photographs and Pictures
    • provided by the author. We prefer original photos; those not from the author must include an appropriate usage license
    • pictures as the subject demands them: roughly 2–10 (more if the topic demands it)
    • at least 690 px width for photos (diagrams and other illustrations can be thinner)
    • photos must have descriptions, and ideally also EXIF information, in the format: Canon 5D Mark III, Canon EF 16-35/2.8 II, 1/125 s, F8.0, ISO 160, focus 27 mm
    • featured photograph: 1050 × 600 px
  • Keywords relevant to the article’s topic

The editor reserves the right to alter titles and lead paragraphs, and as appropriate to require supplementary facts or text for an article.


All texts are subject to copyright. The magazine’s operator, Zoner, Inc., reserves the right to use published texts and photographs in other channels without creating a claim to a further payment (e.g. translations of articles for other language versions of the magazine).

Each article must be written exclusively for and may not be used in any other medium (unless agreed otherwise).

How to Apply

Write an email to with the subject “Zonerama Magazine Author.” Include/attach the following:

  • your name
  • where you are from
  • your writing and photography experience in brief
  • a free sample article for Zonerama Magazine – topic of your choice (but still about photography)
  • five suggestions (titles) for articles you would like to produce in future
  • any other relevant information

The sample articles of selected applicants will be published in Zonerama Magazine so as to measure their success with readers.