Getting started with Zoner Photo Studio X

Many thanks to you for trying out Zoner Photo Studio X! Let’s get out the most of this piece software and improve your photo workflow!

Any time you need a little (or much more) help, drop a message to our our support team.

First things first – get to know the interface

We know you’re eager to make your photos perfect, but bear with us, we’ll get there soon. Here’s a short (3:38) overview of what Zoner Photo Studio X comprises of and it is definitely time well spent.

By the way – did you know that we have a youtube channel full of helpful tips and videos? Subscribe to the channel and you won’t miss anything.

Improve your first photo

We’ll skip ahead and show you, how to edit single photo from your hard drive in Zoner Photo Studio X (because, frankly, that’s what we all wanted to do as first thing in ZPS).

Too basic for you? We’ve prepared a lot more articles and videos on photo editing topics.

The “boring part”: Organizing your photos

You can take your photo, open it in Zoner Photo Studio and change it. But this way you would miss so many helpers. Stay calm, we won’t overwhelm you by telling you everything you should do and should …

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