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What’s the Best Way to Download Your Photos? By Importing Them in Zoner Photo Studio

A photographer’s work is hardly over at the end of the shoot. On the contrary, you need to sort, edit, and maybe also share and send the pictures. But even before all that, you need to get them off the camera onto your computer. There are several ways to get photos onto your computer. For example, you can copy them by hand. But much more elegant and efficient is to import them using Zoner Photo Studio.

Zoner Photo Studio 15: Using the New Import Module

This blog has covered several new features in Zoner Photo Studio 15 already, but so far it’s skipped over the elephant in the room: a whole new module, Import, whose tab sticks out on the top right. Like the name says, it’s there to help you import photos more easily from your camera or phone to your computer. Let’s take a look at how to work with it.

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