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Jan Svatoš the “Photographing Director”: Film Fascinates Me; Digital Steals No Souls, But Eats Time

20. August 2019

Jan Svatoš is a successful director of documentaries, and he’s earned a number of awards for them. But he also has no shortage of passion and talent in photography. He carries traditional analog gear with him on the road, and he won’t hear an ill word about it. Read on for our inspiring interview where he reveals what photography means for him and how he views it.

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Milan Kubín: I Don’t Photograph Motorcycle Races for the Adrenaline. What’s Important Is to Capture the Energy.

07. August 2019

Milan Kubín’s specialty as a photographer and editor is motorcycle races. He’s already shot pictures at the world’s most important races, and he’s among the best in his field. Top-rate motorcycle race photography brings with it a major dose of danger, as well as the need to work precisely and react swiftly to events on the track. How does he handle these challenges, and what does road-racing photography actually mean for him? You’ll find out in this interview.

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No More Dull Backgrounds! Create Your Own Instead.

04. July 2019

Backgrounds are a very important element for photography. You can use them to fundamentally impact a photo’s style and atmosphere. But many portrait photographers only focus on the foreground—their model. And that’s a shame! Don’t be afraid to experiment, to try to connect the model with their background, or to do the opposite and produce contrasts. You’ll see that it pays to be creative. Take inspiration from our article!