Irena Diatel

Amazing Sky Photos in 3 Short Steps

The sky is among the most interesting and rewarding photographic subjects. There’s something new to discover every time—a unique sunset, fluffy clouds, or stormy thunderheads and thunderbolts. There’s always something to see and something to snap. And editing sky photos on a computer can be fun as well. Be creative and try for example editing a red summer sky in Zoner Photo Studio.

Editor’s Choice: A Quiet Graveyard Moment

For millions around the world, the Halloween period is more than just a playfully scary time. It also brings All Souls’ Day—a remembrance of those who came before us, with candles lit on loved ones’ graves. An ideal opportunity for photographers. Graveyards are also interesting shot locations year-round. Join us for a look at the most interesting graveyard photos on Zonerama.

Get to Know Your First Camera

Have you just started using your first camera? Are you but still at the stage where you don’t really know your camera—but you’re already sure that you love photography? Then this article is for you. The camera in your hands is probably a nice compact or a beginner DSLR. Read on for some beginners’ tips that will help you to get to know your camera.

Editor’s Choice: Father’s Day

You definitely know better than anyone else how to make your dad happy on the big day this year. Dads are almost always the ones who make sure that the whole family’s biggest memories are captured in photos. But how often do they get a chance to be in photos? Today’s Editor’s Choice is devoted to dads.

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