Pavla Prazakova

I studied Stage Design at the DAMU Academy of Performing Arts in Prague and have worked in both theater and film. While still a student, I contributed to various publications, as a writer and a photographer. I’ve been working as an editor, photo editor, and photographer. I lead a class for active senior photographers in a nursing home in Prague. With them, we have held many exhibitions, including one at the Festival of Photography. In my free time, I like to test the limits of my camera. You can find me with my camera somewhere in a gallery or in a classical ballet rehearsal.

Photographer and Traveler Jana Kupčáková: Don’t Fear Experiments

Jana Kupčáková is an exceptionally productive photographer. She spends much of her time traveling the globe, she teaches photography as well, and she has numerous exhibitions and lectures behind her, and many articles and photography awards to her name. We’ve managed to snag a moment with her for an interview. You’ll learn how to take unusual pictures in your travels, how to approach different cultural customs, what it’s like to eat breakfast in Italy one day and explore secluded places in Africa, and more.

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