The New Zoner Photo Studio 17 Is Here!

Looking forward to a new version of Zoner Photo Studio? Now it’s here—and it’s faster, sharper, and easier than ever. Take a look at what we have in store for you!

In version 17 you’ll find unique new editing features, smart one-click fixes, a great way to weed out duplicates, better RAW development, and more. Sound attractive? Try the new version free for 7 days.


We’ve added two new color themes: dark and modern bright. Photo thumbnails now auto-resize with the Browser and have the same background everywhere, so you have a clearer view of your final pictures. We’ve also made Zoner look great even on today’s high-resolution monitors.



Now you can use Zoner’s Import module to add keywords to your photos. You can also rename pictures right as you import them, leaving you less work for later.


Now you can edit information for multiple photos at once using the Information Pane. It’s also easier than ever to tag individual pictures. Ratings are simpler now too: one to five stars. We’ve simplified the shortcuts for rating and labeling pictures, and added keyword hinting.



The Catalog in Zoner Photo Studio 17 is better than ever before. Use it to browse and find all the photos in your collection fast, no matter where they are. Zoner Photo Studio now automatically indexes Catalog folders while you work, making your work with the Catalog more convenient.

Todays’ families with multiple computers, tablets, and Smart TVs will appreciate home sharing. It’s a great way to view pictures outside the computer where they’re stored. Show pictures on your DLNA TV or on an Android device with Zoner’s Android app, and on all the computers in your network. Keep your pictures all in one place while viewing them in comfort on your living room couch.



Version 17 features a new gradient exposure filter. Instead of covering part of a picture with a color gradient, it adds an exposure gradient. Use the new Lens Flare to add some shine to your photos, and Cartoon to make your pictures look like comics. (Kids love it!)


A practical new feature that sets up the best fixes for your picture in just 1 click, while still giving you the final say. Great for batch edits! The Automatic button fixes local and global contrast and can add sharpening and saturation and remove noise.



The RAW format has never been just for pros, and so Zoner’s tweaked its RAW module to be more accessible than ever—the biggest changes since version 12. Not only is it better-organized and easier to use, it now gives you better pictures as well. We’ve added cropping—and a more intuitive arrangement for RAW controls. Exposure sliders now work more logically, and Shadows and Lights have a stronger effect. You’ll also newly find white point and black point settings.

Work with histogram Curves has improved as well—you can control RGB channels independently. And we’ve added a 1-click way to set optimal channel mixing in the RAW module’s Add Grain and Grayscale filters.

Technical connoisseurs will appreciate support for automatic defect correction using LCP profiles.


Download the new Zoner Photo Studio 17 here.

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Comments (36)

  1. I just purchased v16 on the 8th of August. Had I known there would be a version 17 so soon, I would have waited.

    1. It is not very fair, especially as the Help menu includes the item “Check for update…”

      What is an update for Zoner?

      1. Pierre, there are updates and upgrades.
        A Zoner update is free and has fixes and small improvement to the same numbered version of Zoner.
        A Zoner upgrade is not free (but has great discounts!) and brings major new features to Zoner, and takes you to a higher version number.

      2. I beg sincerely your pardon… I regretted this comment three minutes having written it.
        It was really premature… and unfair from me…
        For the price, compare to all others, and the quality of the free professionnal services provided around, I till proclaim, the most objectively, that Zoner is far the best photo editor I ever used to date, and I used a lot… The value of this tool exceeds widely its price…

      3. Thanks Pierre, we are happy to hear that! :)

      4. No, not an update, but a new version, barely a month after I bought version 16. (sorry for answering so late, but WP isn’t emailing reply notifications)

  2. If we already own 16, is there a discount for 17?

    1. Yes, Michael, there is a discount for ZPS 17 if you already have an older version. The upgrade is for $49 and you can find every information in our website:

  3. It says Upgrade $49 on the sales page ;-)

  4. Exactly, new license is for $89 and if you have an older version, the upgrade is for $49.

  5. bit annoyed as I just bought v16 august 19th. Would have been nice to know about 17 coming out.

  6. If you have bought your Zoner Photo Studio 16 recently in September, contact us at and we will try to find a solution which is best for you.

    1. I emailed and really didn’t get the greatest response. It was pretty much zoner isn’t a subscription service.. sooo wait a year using v16 then upgrade to maybe 18 .. I think i’ll leave upgrading to latest versions after forking out money for an out of date product however good is just annoying. You have lost a good customer

      1. Michael, we are very sorry for you dissatisfaction. Zoner is not a subscription service, but as every software that wants to keep up, we need to go forward and make a new versions. Think it as a new model of car or phone.
        Do you think our product is out of date? We would like to hear your opinion, so don’t hesitate to send your feedback to Thank you.

  7. Upgrading v16 to 17 for $49,- ?? Not in 49 years!!
    Bob Daniëls
    Sneek, The Netherlands

  8. Are you kidding? I just bought 16 in August, never heard anything about 17 coming out so soon. Is this normal for this company? $50 is not a small amount of money for me, especially since I just shelled out $80 for the same program a couple months ago, no matter how happy I am with it. I’m not very inclined to purchase anything from Zoner again after these shenanigans.

  9. Glad I never did-5 pro is more than adequate!

  10. I’m very happy with 16 and I have all sorts of issues with so I won’t be downloading 17 even for just a peep. CNET etc invariably seem to leave some sort of search gubbins behind after the download which we then have to get rid of. Not good.

    1. We are sorry to hear that, Enfrance. We have a partnership with CNET for the launch of ZPS 17, but there will be possibility to download the software directly from soon (next week).

  11. I too bought 16 recently and it has caused nothing but problems with my video card that tech support keeps having me install more and more software to diagnose. The last version doesn’t fully work, and now this.

  12. I’m sorry to see such negativity here. I purchased 16 a few months back and have been very happy. After just an hour or two with 17 I am convinced to upgrade. The enhancements to the Manager/Browser, automatic exposure corrections, and raw improvements are worth the money. (Cartoon filter, probably not so much…)

    I decided to start using Zoner to avoid the monthly subscription cost of Adobe products. Granted, it’s not exactly one-to-one with Lightroom/Photoshop, but Zoner is all I need (and more)! Even if you assume an annual upgrade, Zoner is still less than half of what the entry-level Adobe subscription would cost.

    And a little off-topic, but I must say that I’ve been VERY pleased with Zoner’s tech support. They have responded quickly to several email requests I had as I was learning to use the product.

    Great work, Zoner! Keep it up!!

    1. Mark, I agree. I did a training course for Photoshop 5.5 years ago and at the time it was excellent and did all I wanted but over time it has become not only far too expensive but overloaded with so much little used ‘gadgets’ that I abandoned it in favour of Zoner. I can understand people’s frustration with the introduction of an upgrade soon after buying but this happens with all software not just Zoner and it is difficult to see how it can be avoided.

      1. Mark, Enfrance, thank you for your support. We are glad you like using Zoner Photo Studio. As you said, it is not easy to make everyone happy and give a new version for free, since there is a lot of work and energy of many people behind the software.
        Any future feedback is welcome at Thank you.

  13. I have v16 PRO. If I upgrade to v17 for $49, will it be v17 PRO? I do not want to upgrade to v17 only to find out I have to pay once again to get v17 PRO.

    1. I have to confess this isn’t all that clear. The paid for version 16 clearly indicates it is the Pro version, but I’ve downloaded the supposedly fully operational trial of v.17 and Pro is not mentioned, except in the context of buying the Pro version option in the toolbar. Perhaps Zoner would care to comment on this.

      I’ve preferred Zoner since dumping Lightroom (at v.3.6) as it offers all that I need and does the job in a very thorough way. However, I remain to be convinced that v.17 is worth the upgrade in the areas that are of use to me, viz. RAW conversion. I’ve compared RAW conversions in 16 and 17 of the same images and, frankly, don’t see a difference. I view on a full HD monitor and run W7 64 bit with an i7 processor and 16GB of RAM and processing is carried out on a solid state drive.

      I think I will skip 17 and wait for 18.

      1. Sorry for the confusion, the version 17 is the same as PRO. The reason is there used to be (until ZPS 16) also HOME version which ve canceled, so we don´t call ZPS 17 PRO, because there is only this one edition.

  14. Not sure the changes are worth the extra cost. The thing I keep waiting for is layers so when labelling or adding images, you can go and move earlier added text or images.

    1. Thank you for the feedback and the suggestion. If you have others, don’t hesitate to write us.

  15. Like many others, I too am very disappointed, having just purchased 16 a month or two ago. OK, so it’s like buying a new car? At least I know if I decide to buy a 2014 auto there will be a 2015 model coming……..

    1. Thank you for your feedback, Dale. There’s bee a new version of Zoner Photo Studio every fall for many years now, so we suppose it is similar to buying a new car, you don’t know exactly when it will be released as well. Sorry for the inconvenience.

  16. New version 17 look more “pro” than 16, but you should recommend customer remove the old version first. I think so and I did it, no conflict between them and free for hard driver

  17. Really, really have to agree, very Very disappointed at the $49 (which makes it a $60 !!! in AUS$) upgrade price, especially also when I purchased 16 Pro just earlier this year also !! Come on ! if you have purchased a full Pro version within a reasonable time frame then provide a reasonable discount to upgrade to the latest version !! Fair enough if your upgrading from version 14 or 12 or something, but from v. 16 purchased in the last 6months ? Many many other software companies provide a scaled upgrade process if you have more recently purchased the preceding full version.
    Surely Zoner you are getting enough feedback here to take some notice !

  18. 17 is looking great but one area that IMO still needs improvement is multi-object editing. I know that photoshop-type layers is an overkill but having the ability to re-edit all of the drawn objects (text, shapes, lines, symbols, and placed images) before saving the final image would make it so much easier. Currently, once a particular placed object is applied, it’s automatically flattened to the rest of the image and the only way to adjust it is to completely undo and start from scratch. As a good example, please take a look at Screenpresso to see how they handled this task. Interestingly, even once the screenshot is saved, you can still go back to Screenpresso’s editor and re-edit (move, delete, re-size, rotate, glow, shadow, fill & line color, etc) all of the previously placed objects. Keep up the good work!

  19. does it exist *.exe (setup) file of zoner photo studio ver. 17 (the last ver. for windows xp), but with the all UPDATES for version 17 inside? I have a setup file with a digital signature -> 25 sept. 2014 – it doesn’t include all updates for ver. 17.
    thx for competent answer (and any link) :)

    1. Hi Marek, you can download older versions here: under the section “Download older versions of this software”.

      1. thx so much :)

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