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5 Photo Projects to Improve Your Technique

Feeling a little photographically uninspired? Then start up a photo project. With these projects, you can build a variety of photographic skills and have fun doing it. You can also try out things you haven’t found the nerve for before or get your creative juices flowing when you’re feeling uninspired.

The 7 Stages of a Photographer’s Development

Every photographer got started somehow, and every photographer has gone through certain stages in their development. Each photographer’s development looks roughly the same—from the photographer who shoots nearly everything, they gradually become the photographer who thinks carefully before pressing the trigger. In today’s article, we’ll show you a typical photographer’s development.

How Can I Become a Better Photographer?

Got the photography blues? Feel like your photos all belong in the cutting bin? Don’t give up, give it your all! Your worries are actually proof you’re on the right track. We’re confident that many of you will find that the following article speaks to you. We’ll advise on what to avoid, what to aim for, and by what road to get there.

Observations on Inspiration

You’re always going to have an inspiration that will influence your work. And it won’t always stay the same. As your photography matures, so will your photos—and your inspirations. It’s important to have a model or idol in your work. It motivates you to take better and better pictures! Your photographic inspiration can be a photo, a photographer, a movie, life itself, or even an event you want to respond to.

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