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Photo Story Rock Formations in the Fog

The photography you see from landscape photographers on social media often doesn’t show all of the hours or even days of work that was put in beforehand. This may include choosing the right location or waiting for the timing to be just right. It’s also not uncommon for a well thought-out plan to be scrapped due to bad weather, and the photographer is left with no choice but to go home empty-handed or with pictures different than what they expected. The unassuming cover photo for this article came about in a complicated way and its creation was no coincidence either. Read the story of how it came to be.   

A New Angle on Landscape Photography: Try turning your camera!

You might think that all the fresh ideas in landscape photography have been sucked dry—that it’s nearly impossible to take an original picture. But that’s not true! You see, the majority of landscape photos have a 3:2 or 16:9 ratio. So why not try framing things a different way, with a portrait orientation? You’ll get new compositions and a fresh look for your photos.

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