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Full 1:1 Previews: Enjoy Faster, More Precise Work With Your RAWs

How quickly you can browse and sort your photos partly depends on the speed of your computer (alongside the size of your photo files, and more). But that doesn’t mean you need a new computer to enjoy faster photo browsing. Before heading to the computer store, head into ZPS and try out 1:1 preview preloading. Faster and better previews are among the new features brought to you by 2019’s Autumn Update for Zoner Photo Studio X.

Saving the Best from the Rest

I’m one of those photographers who hates sorting pictures after each day of shooting. Are you too? Then this article is for you. I’ll tell you how to make the most effective use of your time—and your hard disk space too. You’ll learn the most efficient way to set apart your most exciting photos.

Only the Best!

Sorting and choosing photographs is not exactly the most enjoyable part of the art. But it’s a necessary one. We’ll give you a few tips and tricks for efficiently sorting photos, and for picking a picture’s sharpest shot. As well as how to publish your photo picks on Zonerama with no loss of quality.

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