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Do More With Less Gear

The market is overflowing with cameras, lenses, and a variety of accessories to bring large or small effects to your photos. They come in all sizes. But do you need them? Everyone certainly tells you that this flash or that softbox will make your photos exceptional. But is it true?

Learn How to Shoot Products on a Tabletop

You don’t need to rent a studio, look for a big room, or own expensive equipment. You can work your way into product photography by photographing small objects. It will also give you a chance to practice your work with light. You just need a few common props that you probably already own.

Take Product Photos With Personality

We see many product photos daily in our consumeristic society. They call out to us in all their perfection on the Internet, in flyers, in department stores... but for us as photographers, they raise the question: can they be even better? Of course they can! Read on for tips on how to excel in product photography and make sure your product photos live their lives in public, not just on your disk.

Naked Portraits

Depending on the visual culture where you live, the genre called naked portraiture may be an occasional part of the “advertising environment” around you. It also turns up in beauty contests and in the marketing materials for cosmetics, hairstyles, and various other products. It combines nakedness and portraiture, though not necessarily in an erotic, unfit-for-television, or offensive way. After all, if it did, it would not be as widely used in advertising—at least in Europe—as it is. If you’re curious about this subgenre, how to photograph it, and what to avoid, read on.

From Thought to Shot: One Photo’s Journey

Just one snap, and I’m moving on. That’s how most photos’ stories end. Before they start, really. It’s a shame that most of us (including yours truly) don’t usually think about what we’re photographing. So I’d like inspire your thoughts on composing and more today by sharing some of mine—by telling how an idea became a photo.

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