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How to Hide Faces and License Plates: Learn to Use Anonymization

03. March 2020

Blurring faces and covering license plates. These may not sound like typical photo edits, but they’re a frequent task not just for photographers, but for staff in small business, corporate, and government positions too. And due to the GDPR, this is truer than ever in Europe. Luckily, both of these edits are easy with a little help from the right software. And ZPS X includes simple and useful tools for anonymizing both faces and license plates.

How Do You Get Great Horse Photos? Soap On, Ears Forward, and Watch That Composition! Beginner Tips 1

How Do You Get Great Horse Photos? Soap On, Ears Forward, and Watch That Composition!

20. February 2020

Today we’ll be showing you how to photograph horses. From the preparations, through choosing a focal length and the right composition, on to pressing the trigger.  No matter if you’re an enthusiastic photographer who loves horses, or you’re just seeking advice because you’re about to photograph these noble animals, you’ll welcome these tips. Read our advice on how to take even better pictures of horses.

Make Old Documents More Readable: A Scanner and ZPS X Will Help Other Tips 0

Make Old Documents More Readable: A Scanner and ZPS X Will Help

18. February 2020

A reader of ours recently turned to us seeking advice. Her work duties revolve around scanning and manually transcribing old printed material and manuscripts, and there’s a certain problem she sometimes runs into. Time sometimes gnaws heavily at a document, leaving it largely unreadable, which makes the job of transcribing it more difficult. But you can make your work easier here just by reaching for Zoner Photo Studio X. It can help you to improve documents’ readability quickly and easily.

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Photography in the Mountains: Gearing up Right

13. February 2020

Shooting pictures in the mountains isn’t easy, and in this article we’ll be showing you the best way to prepare up for it and choose the right equipment. No matter whether you’re getting ready for your first mountain vacation or you’re a winter mountain photography veteran, you’ll definitely appreciate our tips. Read our article, and you’ll come home with your gear intact, your health untouched, and your camera full of beautiful views.

6 Ways the Life and Photos of Sebastião Salgado Will Stun You Photographer Stories 0

6 Ways the Life and Photos of Sebastiao Salgado Will Stun You

06. February 2020

From a left-wing activist to a master of humanist photography. The work of Sebastião Salgado (*1944) is amazing in both its sheer volume and the passport stamps and worn-out boots behind it. It shows us the suffering and beauty of the world, often hand in hand. Through his pictures, Salgado evokes in us a desire to understand and protect the world, or at least discuss its downfall. Additionally, he reminds us of just how enchanting black-and-white photography can be as a medium.