Pavlína Hornová

I love writing, and even more, I love speaking, especially with fascinating people. At Zoner, I have built upon my experience as a journalist and am currently responsible for PR and our Zoner ambassadors. In this manner, I am able to explore the world of photography while at the same time snapping increasingly more photos on my trusty mirrorless camera.

Hunter photographer Adam Simandel: ‘If I survive this, it’ll make one heck of a story’

When he’s not on a mountain climbing expedition or tracking wildlife in their natural habitat, you’ll find him “hunting” for the right shot in the forest. Adam Simandel dedicates himself to a relatively nontraditional genre of photography – hunting photography. As he himself admits, he’s almost always one misstep away from danger. Despite that, he surprisingly compares hunting photography to wedding photography. Take a look at his intriguing images and allow yourself to be pulled into his story. Whether you call Adam adventurous or just plain crazy, one thing is for sure – there’s no place for boredom in his life. 

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