Jakub Moravec

I photograph because I travel. So in order to always have something to photograph, I must travel. I not only travel to far-off destinations, sometimes as a travel guide, but also to the outskirts of my native Prague. Both travel and photography fascinated me from the time I was a young Boy Scout and from that time, they have forged my life’s path. Travel and photography are my hobby and life’s passion. Now, because I photograph most often in connection with marketing, it has become my livelihood. The rest of my time is taken up by whisky. Not only drinking it, but talking about it, and tasting it. Oh, and of course, photographing it.

Photographing the Northern Lights: Fortune Favors the Prepared

The Northern Lights are back for the winter again, and many of us photographers will be heading up to greet them with our cameras. They’re a breathtaking experience, and they’re often even more gorgeous in pictures than in reality. It’s time to head north to polar lands and use the season to the fullest! Read on to find out where to seek the Northern Lights and how to capture them.

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