Working With Light

Adapt Your Photography to Natural Light

Your basic light for photography—available to you free of charge—is natural light. But when you’re using that light, you usually don’t have many ways to fully control it, and so you’ll often have to adapt your exposure and your scene to the light. You’ll learn to perceive light and take advantage of its characteristics with some practice…

The Golden Hour—An Ideal Photo Opportunity

Taking pictures in the Golden Hour is one of the most fundamental and simplest recommendations for taking better pictures. The Golden Hour is actually not one, but two hours daily: after the sunrise, and before sunset. During these hours, the light is softer, the shadows are longer, and the light temperature is significantly warmer. Read on for a few tips on why and how these everyday, but still extraordinary, time periods can be used for photography.

The Winter Sun: Ideal for Portraits

When you photograph people under bright sunlight, they tend to scrunch up their face and look… silly. How can you avoid that? It’s simple—do these shots in autumn or winter. This works because the light in these seasons is much gentler on the eyes—the sun’s farther away, making it less intense. You can take pictures practically at high noon.

Photographing Silhouettes

Silhouettes. Striking photos where the subject is only hinted, not shown. Despite this—or because of it—they are well-loved, and they are real attention-getters. Come join us for some inspiring silhouette photos and for tips on how to make your silhouettes even better.

Learn How to Shoot Products on a Tabletop

You don’t need to rent a studio, look for a big room, or own expensive equipment. You can work your way into product photography by photographing small objects. It will also give you a chance to practice your work with light. You just need a few common props that you probably already own.

Seeing the Light

Having an eye for photography is about more than just having an eye for great composition. It also means you know how to see light, and when to take your picture. If you’re lucky and catch a “fever” for photography, then the basics like light and composition will become so natural for you that you won’t even think about them—just do them.

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