Editor’s Choice: A Variation on Garden Gnomes

Today’s Editor’s Choice is different from the ones you’re used to. The contents of the photo that we’ll be looking at are rather weird. There’s nothing cute about it, and nothing pretty at first sight. But it’s a well-taken photo regardless. Why? We’ll tell you right away!

Even when this photo might seem very strange, it has what we could call a higher level of photography. Many people might throw it ugly looks, but let’s look at it with open eyes.

by frebeck

by frebeck

Color Composition

Color composition is at the heart of what takes this photo to the next level. Never heard of color composition? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. We all know that composition and light are very important factors in photography. But we often forget about photos’ overall colors and their combinations.

Our photo today has three basic colors: yellow on the bodies of the statues, and blue and red on their clothing. The statues are mainly surrounded by two colors: yellow and brick red. The brick red is not stressed very much, and so this color combination is easy on the eyes. This also makes the photo very easy to read.

Boring Content?

Perhaps—but when you look at the photo in another way, and you look at it long enough, then you’ll discover that the content is very interesting, and you start thinking about the whole photo. It’s clear that the content is not as eye-pleasing as in the ordinary, conventional photos that we’re used to—it’s not a hot model shot at low depth of field, or a puppy, or a baby.

Try taking a second look at the whole photo and focusing your attention on the colors. Do you see it?

Try taking a second look at the whole photo and focusing your attention on the colors. Do you see it?

I can imagine this photograph blown up to a large size hanging on a gallery wall. It’s provocative, and it’s a riff on the theme of garden gnomes. It’s got something to it; it captures a reflection of our modern world, of modern man.


Last updated 14. October 2016

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Author: Majo Elias

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