Selfie Toast? That’s Just A Start For Unique Print Surfaces

So the selfie craze rolls along and just when you think you’ve seen everything within this realm, along comes selfie toast. Yes, I said selfie toast.

Vermont Novelty Toaster Corp is responsible for this ingenious (or ridiculous – your call) little gadget that takes the selfie to a new place – your breakfast plate, smothered in butter or jam.

Believe it or not, these guys have been making toaster art for over four years now – starting out with sports logos and such before hitting it really big last year with the Jesus toaster. Well, of course.

So, the question that just begs to be answered here is, what took so long to come up with the selfie toaster? We’re still waiting to hear back from the folks in the Green Mountain state on that one.

A Toast To Yourself!


The whole thing brings new meaning to the expression “you’re toast” and provides the generation that is accused of being overly consumed with themselves the chance to actually consume themselves. Huh?

With regard to how the process works, because we know you’re just dying to find out, the short story is you simply send your best selfie photo (always a tough decision) into the manufacturer and they then custom-make your own, personal selfie toaster and send it back to you – for roughly $75. You can even order this thing in five different colors.

Digging a bit deeper, the company actually uses a CNC Plasma Cutter designed by Colorado-based GoTorch. This computer-guided metal cutting machine actually creates the metal plates from the images you send that allow the toaster to burn your face on to the bread. The finished personalized plates are then shipped with the toaster and simply slide in and out of the unit’s top slots as you desire.

What Else Are People Printing On?

Image printed on a series of paint brushes by Unicorn Graphics.
Image printed on a series of paint brushes by Unicorn Graphics.

Along with making us a little hungry, all this talk of selfie toast got us poking around online for a closer look at just what people are printing images on these days and we quickly stumbled on Unicorn Graphics and their extremely cool G7 master printers that are allowing folks to print their photos on some very unique surfaces.

The tech team at Unicorn calls the printing technique the G7 uses “spatial printing”, and on the site you’ll see a collection of unconventional prints that were produced on objects like paint brushes, fake flowers and wood shingles to name but a few. They explain that when images are printed on these unusual materials, “Each photo has a unique surface texture, which gives it an added dimension.” We wholeheartedly agree with that statement.

The G7 is also eco-friendly and encourages people to upcycle instead of recycled materials. Very cool indeed and as regular readers of this magazine already know, we are always excited to hear about new printing techniques as our feeling is: an image isn’t a photo unless you can hold it and touch it.

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AuthorMichael McEnaney

I am a veteran technology journalist with over 20 years experience covering consumer electronics and imaging tech as well as launching, editing/writing content, selling and marketing a variety of publications and websites. Most recently I helped NAPCO launch the network of consumer tech websites and also helped launch the popular tech website as well as launching his own website at that covers all consumers can do with their digital images and videos after they’ve captured them. My true passion has always been photography – both capturing life’s most precious moments as well as covering the pros that capture the world.

Comments (5)

  1. Michael, as it’s not 1st April, I assume this is for real. In an odd sort of way it does have some appeal. Why not go for a picture of the boss, so you can eat him for breakfast! Or, for those romantically inclined and who say I could eat you, well now they can. :D)

  2. It certainly speaks to some fairly useful needs and you’ve hit on a couple. The minute I showed it to my kids, they wanted one. Not happening though.

  3. Re: the toast template, are they selling bread in 5 colors, if not what would be the purpose of colored templates?

    1. I think it’s the toaster that comes in five colors, not the templates… or the bread :o)

  4. If it did it by reprogramming the heater elements instead of using different plates for different images, and thus I could just upload images to the toaster, then that would be a product I would buy (and I wouldn’t need to buy different plates for each of my 6 kids).

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