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[Infographic] How to Work with ISO

We’ve just about all run into ugly, distracting noise in our photos at some point. The culprit here is high ISO. It makes the sensor more light-sensitive, and this can brighten dark photos, but it also produces noise. So take a look at how to work with ISO right.

Learn to Take Great Pictures in Low Light

Both at night and at many times throughout the daytime, you can run into situations where there’s not enough light for a good picture. That’s especially true when the days are short and the nights are long. When you don’t have access to daylight or streetlights, you can also use a flash.

Discover the 3 Keys to Good Exposure: The Exposure Triangle

In our previous article on exposure settings we introduced the two most basic exposure settings—aperture size and shutter speed. They directly affect how much light falls onto the camera’s digital sensor. There are always multiple ways to combine shutter speed and aperture size to get a correct exposure. Which combination you should choose depends on your creative goals. The relationship between time, aperture, and also the third exposure parameter, ISO, is often called the “exposure triangle.”

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