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Going With Or Against the Flow

If you let the sunshine and fine temperatures of the autumn days lure you out, and you don’t forget your camera at home, you can take some fairly interesting pictures. Naturally there are lots of ways to capture the world’s natural and manmade joys, but in today’s article, our focus will be narrow: capturing waterfalls and water fountains. In short, capturing water in motion… and of course the stumbling blocks you may encounter along the way.

Everything You Need to Know About EXIF Data

Hidden inside your photos is a powerful wealth of information. It's called EXIF data and it holds the key to improving your photography, organizing your images, protecting your privacy and safeguarding your copyrights. Yet many of us don't know it exists, much less what to do with it.

6 Composition Mistakes You’ll Never Have to Make Again

Practically everybody out there is taking at least a few pictures these days, no matter whether it’s with a camera, a cell phone, a tablet, or another device. These photos are then pouring onto our social networks. And the people in them are carefully tagged, and yet meanwhile they’re often also robbed of their ankles or hair, or have stop signs, tree branches, etc. growing from their heads. These are all basic composition mistakes. And today I’ll help make sure you never have to make them again.

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