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Zoner Photo Studio Power User: Heather Overman

As we told you in this space last week, we were lucky enough to recently have the opportunity to chat with two staff photographers and ardent Zoner users on Site Selection magazine, a publication that covers the development and selection of business facilities all over the world.

At Least One Photo a Day!

It’s not so important what you photograph, and especially not what you use. It’s more important that you’re taking pictures. Take at least one picture daily—even if it’s with your phone. Practice composition, and watching your surroundings.

How I Struggled to Deliver a Cliché: Fruit in Water

To prepare for today’s article, I put together a type of shot that’s been done a thousand times before. Why? To show off how difficult it really is. Today I’ll be showing you step by step how my friend and I experimented with underwater photos of fruit. My hope is that my experiences will help other photographers try the same. So get out there and pick (or pick up) some fruit!

Night Photography Tips

Though photographers have a tendency to seek the prettiest sunshine, you can take impressive nighttime pictures too. Join me in exploring some examples, and you’ll get practical advice for getting the best night photographs too.

Why Shoot to RAW?

If photography is more for you than just a way to document celebrations, relatives, and vacations, read on. In short if photography is what you live for and you want to present the best, then this text is definitely for you. Take these words to heart, and you’ll never be stuck with a “great... but unusable” picture again.

Get Better Portraits Easily!

Every photography job demands some preparation. You need to check the batteries, card space, lens cleanliness, and more. This is all a core part of taking pictures, and yet doesn’t require any special pro knowledge. Are there more things like this you can do to push your portrait photography forward without being a pro? You bet!

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