3 Ways That Sharpening Can Improve Any Photo

Many people think that tools for sharpening a photo on a computer are only useful when a botched shot has left the photo blurry. And they’re certainly useful then. But there are also other, more important cases where sharpening should be used. In fact, you should use it on practically every picture. Wondering why? Then read on.

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AuthorVit Kovalcik

I’ve been a freelancer since early 2012; photography is my living. I acquired my photography experience, both inside and outside the studio, during the previous years—when I was working all day and taking pictures every evening and weekend. I don’t have just one clearly defined topic; I like photographing people, but also cityscapes and landscapes.

Comments (6)

  1. Excellent and very interesting article. Very clearly explained and extremely helpful.

    1. Thank you for your nice comment!

  2. L’articolo è ben fatto, ma a parer mio sarebbe più opportuno far vedere i vari passaggi, facendo vedere i tasti che si devono usare ; perchè come nel mio caso non avendo il programma tradotto in Italiano, la traduzione fatta con il traduttore non è molto chiara, mentre con la visone dei tasti da uasre resterebbe tutto più semplice.

    1. Thank you for your comment and ideas. This article is more about sharpening images in general, so it is useful also for people who don’t have ZPS. But thanks for the feedback, we’ll look at what can we do as a next article.

  3. josinaldo caitano dos santos

    o artigo e bem explicativo mas deveria mostra as ferramentas no passo a passo e o editor em portugés

    1. Thanks Josinaldo for your comment, we’ll try to make something like that in future.

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