Petra Horakova

I am a photographer and teach photography classes for children. Photography opened a whole new world for me. I began intensively shooting photos 20 years ago with my first camera, and from that moment, I haven’t stopped seeing the world from a brand-new perspective, through my “third eye.” I want to pass on this joy of photography to children so that, like me, they can discover a new world. A world where they can find an outlet for their creativity, let go, while at the same time connecting with other inspiring photographers. I most enjoy portrait, family, wedding, macro, and sportsphotography, and also sharing inspiration with young photographers in our Foton photography classes. You can find photos and information about Foton photography classes on my website.

Discover Your Unique Photography Style

Your unique photography style is what connects your photos. It's like the signature on your photos. While they may not all have the same theme, your photos have something in common and belong together. A signature look for your photos can attract more attention, especially on social media.

A whimsical photoshoot with children – fun for the entire family

Joy and positive energy are now more important than ever in today’s climate. After being cooped up for such a long time at home, we all need a change of scenery and a bit of inspiration. How about bringing your kids to somewhere out of this world for a short time – their world? When taking pictures of kids, you can use your imagination and photography to tell fascinating stories.

Motion Experiments That Will Make a Photographer’s Head Spin!

You know that feeling where you want to photograph something new and be entertained as you get inspired? But how can you find inspiration when travel is so tough right now, and all the trees, buildings, and people around you are old hat? Liven up your pictures with motion, that’s how! We’ll give you some tips on good camera settings for these shots, and you’ll see the visual impacts of a wide range of movements—camera motions, body motions, or both.

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