Changing a Picture’s EXIF Time and Date

Are you prepared for the clock change? If you care about preventing chaos in your collection, then that preparation includes double-checking the date in your camera. But if you do end up with a bad time or date on your pictures, here’s how to fix this with help from Zoner Photo Studio.

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Comments (4)

  1. It is a wonderful feature. On a cruise I had 3 cameras. I did not realise the year with date and time on 2 were wrong. When I was trying to get photos in an useful sequence using Zoner ability to batch name in date order I realised it was all wrong. And then the Exif editor came in and I fixed the offending shots to real time taken and batch renamed… Fantastic.
    And I have been scanning slides and photos from 20th century … you know pre digital. And this wonderful tool is invaluable for them…

    1. That’s so great to hear it helped you! We suppose it’s not a feature people would use regularly, but we’re always happy to hear it “saved” someone’s pictures!

  2. Yes, it’s an interesting feature. But I was puzzled by a small detail.
    On October 30 there has been the DST coming back to winter time (minus 1 hour). And I just forgot to set it in the camera. So that photos taken on October 31 all have a wrong hour.
    I opened Batch EXIF Editing, checked Date and Time, checked Shift time, and checked Shift back (1 hour). But it didn’t work. Nothing changed.
    It’s probably because the files to be modified were RAW files.
    Is that so ? Than this should be mentioned somewhere, maybe in Help.

    Best regards,

    1. Hello Andre, thanks for your feedback. This feature should work with RAW files as well. Please send us one of your RAW files to and we’ll have a look at it. Add also screenshot of the settings you used. Thank you!

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