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7+1 Reasons Why You Should Use Square Format Photography

Square format photography has unmistakable charm and evokes classic film photography of the past. Instagram is the most widely recognized platform for square format photos today. Although photography has changed over time, the 1:1 square format remains popular, especially for its ability to enhance composition and bring new perspective to a scene. 

Integrating Zoner Photo Studio X with the Adobe DNG Converter

After uploading a RAW photo, you open it in your photo editing software only to discover that the colors are displayed incorrectly. Or, you receive an error message saying the image format is not supported. These are a few problems you can run into when using RAW files. Zoner Photo Studio X offers custom camera and lens profiles. However, in some cases, you may still need the Adobe DNG Converter. Integrating the DNG Converter with Zoner Photo Studio X is quick and easy.

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