Editor’s Choice: Walking

For most people, walking is just a natural thing. It’s not something you even think about (though maybe you should: it’s quite healthy and calming). For today’s Editor’s Choice, we decided to make walking something you do think about, at least for a few minutes. These photos of people walking caught our eye with their interesting composition. People walking is something you can photograph anywhere and as a part of any genre. It’s most often seen in reportage, but you can also find it in fashion and advertising photography. Walking gives photos more motion, energy, and action.

Last updated 20. May 2014

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Author: Tomas Slavicek

I worked almost seven years for a photography magazine. Today as a freelancer I write, photograph, teach, and join text with pictures. In all these lines of work one thing stays true: I always need to see visual results for my work, even if only as a virtual image on a monitor.

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