Get Great Photo Retouching With (Almost) Just Lightening and Darkening

There’s a wide range of retouching techniques out there, but you may be surprised to learn that one of the most effective and universal portrait techniques is to just lighten and darken certain spots. Read on to learn how to shine with this technique.

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AuthorVit Kovalcik

I’ve been a freelancer since early 2012; photography is my living. I acquired my photography experience, both inside and outside the studio, during the previous years—when I was working all day and taking pictures every evening and weekend. I don’t have just one clearly defined topic; I like photographing people, but also cityscapes and landscapes.

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  1. Excellent article very well demonstrated and good use of zoner 10.However in your introduction you have dodging and burning back to front in the dark room you burned in by allowing more light on to the paper and darken the imagine and reduced the amount of light dodging to lighten the print

  2. Thank you for your informative article which I am going to use it in future.

    1. Thank you, we’re glad you like it.

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