How To Do Minimalistic Couples Photoshoots

How To Do Minimalistic Couples Photoshoots

Minimalism is one way you can change up a classic couples photography session. Close-ups are often able to capture emotion more than a classic portrait. If you’re searching for inspiration for your next couples shoot, give these tips a try. 
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In this article, we’ll share some examples from a photoshoot where we tried to include as few distractions as possible. This lets you focus on the details and close-ups of what makes the couple unique. 

Minimalistic backgrounds

The background can affect the overall feel of a photo. For minimalistic couples photography, use a background that is as clean and simple as possible. When planning the shoot, choose a setting that is simple rather than filled with distracting elements. 

If you’re shooting outdoors, find a brick wall, wooden gate, or concrete. The most minimalist background you can use is a white canvas or white wall.  

Minimalistic Couples Photoshoots

A minimalist background will help keep the attention on the details and the couple’s emotional connection. It also won’t distract from or undermine the overall concept of minimalism.  

Minimalist lighting

Lighting is an important part of the photoshoot and can greatly affect the mood and feel of the picture. It is best to use soft and diffused light for a minimalist couples photo. This helps keep the photo simple and emphasizes the couple’s connection. 

Minimalistic Couples Photoshoots
For this session, we used one light with a softbox. It is simple to set up and doesn’t get in the way like multiple lights do, letting you pay more attention to finding and capturing the details.  

The position of light is best at about a 45-degree angle from the side. This works almost every time. You can also try what’s called Rembrandt lighting. With Rembrandt lighting, you use light from the side, leaving part of the face in the shadows and partially lighting the face just below the eye.  

Minimalistic Couples Photoshoots

Another interesting lighting option is to put the light as close to the faces as possible and have the couple look directly into the light. 

Minimalistic Couples Photoshoots
Since the light is so close, the faces will be brighter. If you underexpose the photo, it will darken the background. This photo was taken on a white background, but because of the contrasting lighting, it appears black.  
Minimalistic Couples Photoshoots
Here’s another completely different lighting method that still uses the same light. If the couple stands in front of the softbox and you light them from behind facing the camera, you can get interesting silhouettes.  
Minimalistic Couples Photoshoots
In addition to silhouettes of the face, try silhouettes of the hands and other details

Wear pastel colors or black and white

Soft pastels or black and white are best for minimalist photos. These soft and delicate colors add subtlety and softness to the images, which is perfect for capturing the small details of the couple’s connection.  

Minimalistic Couples Photoshoots

I decided to edit this session all in black and white. The couple wore minimalist black and white clothing, so this made the most sense.  

Close-ups of joined hands and faces 

One of the most popular shots in couples photography is a close-up of joined hands. Couples often hold hands which symbolizes their strong relationship. However, you don’t have to stick to the traditional hand-in-hand shots in your couples shoot. Try capturing the couple stroking their hands or holding each other’s fingers. This can be a very emotional moment. 

Minimalistic Couples Photoshoots
Even though the faces are barely visible and not in focus in this photo, the emotions come through 

You can do other interesting things with hair. Even with the faces not in focus, it works. 

Minimalistic Couples Photoshoots
An in-focus close-up of one strand of hair makes this photo elegantly minimalist 

These are very intimate moments you are capturing, so bring along a lens with a longer focal length. The distance makes sure you won’t intrude on the couples personal space, but also that you won’t miss a single detail. On the other hand, you need to interact with the couple. Try 85mm or 50mm, whichever works for you. It’s not a good idea to get right up in their faces with a wide-angle lens.  

Minimalistic Couples Photoshoots
If you want to try something new, try focusing on the jewelry. If the couple is engaged or married, a close-up of the ring is a perfect idea for an object with a story behind it. 

Experiment with composition

When using elements of minimalism in couples photography, focus on keeping it simple with few distractions as possible. But don’t be afraid to play around with composition. Try shooting from different angles and distances. Minimalism doesn’t have to be about just one detail. If you step back a little further, creating negative space can be a good addition to the entire series.  

Minimalistic Couples Photoshoots
Lit using only a single light. The Radial Filter creates strong vignetting. 

Allow the couple to interact

The best way to capture authentic moments between partners is to let them interact with one another. Allow them to spontaneously react to each other and capture moments when they are laughing, talking, or holding hands. Also, try to find a balance between giving instructions and taking over. There is no need to force fake emotions with instructions like “smile,” or “quick, act like you like each other.” Guide your subjects to talk to one another, talk about their day, or something they are excited about. Yes, you can ask them to kiss. But don’t try to force generic emotions that are not genuine. 

Minimalistic Couples Photoshoots
A couples photo doesn’t always have to be romantic, sometimes being authentic is enough 

You can use minimalism to create many beautiful and authentic shots that capture the beauty and uniqueness of each couple. It is important to focus on important details like joined hands, facial expressions, or hair. 

A minimalist couples photography session can be a beautiful and emotional experience for both the photographer and the couple. Focus on simplicity, authenticity, and the small details that capture the connection between the couple.  

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