At Least One Photo a Day!

It’s not so important what you photograph, and especially not what you use. It’s more important that you’re taking pictures. Take at least one picture daily—even if it’s with your phone. Practice composition, and watching your surroundings.

Your pictures often don’t even need much image quality. Quality is important of course, but much more important is quality content, and for that, even a medium-format camera helps no more than a smartphone.

Set a Goal

Goals are as important for photography as they are everywhere. It can even be just one photo a day. As long as, of course, it’s a photo with quality content—one you’re satisfied with. It doesn’t even matter what genre it is. Then feel free to publish these photos on your web gallery or on social networks like Facebook. You’ll see your photos—and you—grow in popularity from there. It’s simple really—quality content, offered regularly, gives you happy fans.

Even in a Train?
Even in a Train?

Yes, shoot everywhere! In the decisive moment, practice counts.

Get it now while there’s no stress. This is as true for photography as anywhere. No-one was born a great photographer; they all had to learn. Taking pictures frequently is actually training—it’s exercise. So whenever you see something interesting around you that definitely deserves notice, don’t hesitate. Even if all you have is a phone. Just take the picture with what you have at hand.

Your composition will improve overnight.
Your composition will improve overnight.

Put Your Coat On

Most photos need some minor adjustments in an editor before they’re “released into the wild.” If you don’t have a computer with Zoner Photo Studio at hand, you might try your smartphone. Smartphones with the Android operating system can run our simple, free photo editing app: Zoner Photo Studio – Edit & Go. Just edit the photo using the app’s editing tools, and you’re ready to publish.

This pic won’t work without edits.
This pic won’t work without edits.

The Social Web

Once you’re done editing, get your photo out onto a variety of social networks. Don’t forget the use of hashtags. Tags like #everydayphoto or #everydayinpics can definitely bring in a crowd.

Photos are real winners on the Social Web.
Photos are real winners on the Social Web.

Your Phone Is Always There

You certainly don’t always have your photo gear with you. Often it’s practically impossible, for reasons of weight and bulk. So never hesitate to use your cell phone. Phone camera quality is always rapidly rising. Modern smartphones often have quality matching or exceeding that of compact cameras. They’ve also been bringing innovations lately, such as underwater photography and bracketing. If you end up liking everyday shooting so much that you decide to invest in a high-quality miniature camera, then your main criteria should be functionality and image quality—after all, it’s for the sake of image quality that you’re changing devices! Also don’t forget to check out the camera’s sensor size. There are many compact cameras out there today that offer advanced functions and DX- or even FX-sized sensors. This is important because photo quality depends on sensor size. The bigger, the better.

Take pictures everywhere you can, with anything you have.
Take pictures everywhere you can, with anything you have.

You’ll see for yourself that taking pictures daily, even just with your phone, greatly increases your photography skill. You won’t have to consciously think about composition. You’ll just compose automatically, and often get it right the first time. You’ll end up using fewer “snaps” while getting more successful photographs.

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AuthorMajo Elias

I’ve been taking pictures since 2004. When I was starting out, I photographed almost everything. Later my style solidified and I began photographing people almost exclusively. At the moment my main genres are fashion and advertising.

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