5 Basic Edits to Improve Photos From Your Phone Basic Edits 1

5 Basic Edits to Improve Photos From Your Phone

It’s always at hand. That’s the main advantage of a cell phone, a mobile phone, or whatever they call it where you live! And photographers capturing moments that would otherwise escape them also appreciate this tool. But your work isn’t done when you’ve taken your pictures. You then have to sort them and edit the best ones. And meanwhile, often it’s enough to make a few basic edits that will reliably improve your phone photos.

Street Photography 0

Use Your Phone for Street Photography

Street photography has seen a real boom in popularity lately. If you live in the big city, then you have an ideal opportunity to strengthen your street-photography chops every day. And you don’t always have to pick up a DSLR to do it. You carry a phone with you, so why not take pictures with it? You may think a phone camera has nothing but disadvantages, but that’s not true—read on to discover all the ways it can come in handy for street photography.