Moving to Mirrorless—First Impressions

After years with a DSLR I tried out a mirrorless camera, and I was pleasantly surprised by this camera’s controls, its outputs and dimensions, and its great usability and practicality. But it has its downsides too. Today’s article is a sort of mini-review of my “switch” to mirrorless.

The article is over 5 years old. The information in it may be outdated.

We are working on its update. In the meantime, you can read some more recent articles.

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AuthorMajo Elias

I’ve been taking pictures since 2004. When I was starting out, I photographed almost everything. Later my style solidified and I began photographing people almost exclusively. At the moment my main genres are fashion and advertising.

Comments (7)

  1. What about us left-eyed people. We’ll have even more to wipe off the screen! I’ve been mirrorless for years via the Sony Alpha series.
    If you want something to put in your pocket, then use your cell phone to take snapshots. I don’t have the artistic ability to turn a cellphone picture into something I want on my wall.

  2. 'Craz' aka Carl Brattin

    Majo, Love your down to earth style=writing, descriptions, thought process, etc, etc. Kinda curious about the amount of pixels captured but can check advs if I want. Often thought about the pleasant results that cel phones produce because of the less intrusive feeling; that our dslr’s produce. Suspicions confirmed. Fun article. THX…

  3. That last shot. Damn perfect idea on how to shoot a pointless building. :)

  4. Just a pity you didn’t try the Panasonic range – some incredible cameras available from them! Plus if you are a keen birder they have a 100-300 (60 mm equiv) zoom which provides excellent results at a fraction of an equivalent DSLR

  5. Good but lightweight – far too much personal preamble. Trying an equivalent Alpha and a Panasonic model for a comparison would have been a huge added benefit.

  6. I use mirrorless cameras more than 5 years.
    All Panasonic:.Lumix GH2, GH4, G3, G5, G6 and G7 models.
    Extraordinary cameras. Small, light, powerfull, quick and updated technologically. Fantastic Optics.
    See people using DSLR cameras today, XX! century, is like to see someone recording sound using an analogic tape recorder.

  7. I think mirrorless is future.. It is more or less same technology, just a “pointless” mirror in between that eats up space. And I also think that quality of photos is comparable with mirror cameras. We were comparing photos between Canon 7D and Fuji MX1, and in low light MX1 was better! but where Fuji looses big time is with autofocus, it is just horrible. Tracking is just pointles, shooting movig objects a big FAIL. Camera follows an object all the time but when you press the shutter button half way, focus freezes on that point and does not follow the object any more. I just hope FUJI does not forget to make a firmware update for my camera. And yes, big downside is a small selection of lenses. There are few lenses on ebay and the prices are higher than mirror cameras. The quality of FUJI lenses is however very good!

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