The Three Photos You’re Taking Today That Will Date You Tomorrow

Great photography, like all great art, is timeless. But photo trends come and go and the explosion of digital photography in the smartphone and social networking era has definitely brought a few fads along with it.

Skim any social network and you’ll see what I mean. Here are the three types of photos you may be taking today that will scream “early 21st century” tomorrow.

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1. The Selfie

Smartphones have turned what used to be a hard-to-frame self-portrait into a ubiquitous (some would say too ubiquitous) phenomenon. Celebrities snap them at the Oscars, teens snap them everywhere (even places they shouldn’t) — heck, even our robotic spacecraft take them!

(If you're about to eat THIS you have most definitely earned the right to photograph it first. Photo: Milan Dufek | Zonerama)
(If you’re about to eat THIS you have most definitely earned the right to photograph it first. Photo: Milan Dufek | Zonerama)

2. Your Food

Today, a great meal isn’t just savored, it’s usually photographed (and Tweeted). There are certainly cases where you’d want to photograph what you eat. Maybe you’re about to eat something unusual or disgusting. Maybe you’re getting paid to photograph a meal for a restaurant. But the sheer volume of meal-time snapshots suggests something else is at work, that we’ve become attached to documenting even our most casual and unremarkable snacks. In fact, it’s getting so bad that chefs at leading restaurants are complaining about the obsessive cataloging of their meals.

Via: Johnny Gun
Via: Johnny Gun

3. Anything with a “Vintage” Filter

One of the enduring curiosities of the modern age is that we’re using the latest, most sophisticated software to make our photos look like they were taken with ancient technology. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. In fact, filters are a great way to add some simple creative flare to an otherwise average snapshot. Still, there’s no question that vintage-style filters are so popular that future generations may wonder why we took the time to make our modern images look so old.

Did we miss any trendy photo types that people will peg to this era? Let us know in the comments.

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