Navigation and Toolbars at a New Address

We’ve improved Zoner Photo Studio X to ensure that the necessary tools are even closer at hand. With the new navigation, you’ll easily navigate through folders. With icons for the most common tools, you can access frequently used functions even with the hidden side panel. And as always, you can customize everything to suit your needs.

Navigation and Toolbars

Browsing Comfortably Through Your Folders

You’re probably accustomed to finding folders in Zoner Photo Studio’s left panel. This option remains available because it allows you to even display complex tree structures in a clear way.

For easier navigation, we’ve added file paths and additional controls to the toolbar that you’ll see in all modules.

Navigation and Toolbars
Clicking the arrow next to each folder name will display its subfolders. 
On the left, you’ll also find file sorting options and an icon to move up one level. 

Essential Tools in One Place 

On the right side of the toolbar, you’ll find commonly used tools. Even though some are typical for the Manager and others for the Develop module, they come in handy everywhere. Whether it’s renaming or deleting a file, applying batch filters, sharing, or exporting… There’s no need to switch to another module; you have them all at your fingertips.

Navigation and Toolbars
Having the most important tools in one place allows you to hide the side panels in certain situations. This can be especially helpful if you have a smaller monitor and want a clear view of your photos, or even with a larger monitor when you want to maximize your workspace.

Customize the Toolbar to Your Preferences

We’ve selected tools for the toolbar to be as practical as possible, but we understand that our users have diverse workflows. So, if you right-click on the toolbar and choose “Edit Tool Panel,” you’ll access a window where you can conveniently select your most frequently used functions.

Navigation and Toolbars
By clicking on a tool in the left panel and using the “Add” button, you can insert your desired tool into the toolbar. Similarly, you can remove tools using the “Remove” button.

Cleaner Display and Convenient 

This toolbar also allows for a cleaner display of the entire program as well as placement and finding important tools in all modules, in one place.

Download Zoner Photo Studio X for free for 7 days and customize the tools to your liking.

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