Expanded Local Adjustments

Expanded Local Adjustments

During photo editing, it’s sometimes necessary to focus on specific objects. For this purpose, we have tools for local adjustments: Brush, Gradient, and Circular filter. And with the arrival of the 2023 fall update, you’ll find almost all the editing options that the Develop module offers within them.

Now you can fine-tune your photo down to the smallest detail with a full range of adjustments. With all your favorite features, you can efficiently make local adjustments only where they are needed.

Local Adjustments

The Circular, Gradient, and Brush filters now offer a full range of functions, such as: 

  1. Say goodbye to bluish or yellowish parts of your photo. With the new White Balance adjustment, you can balance color temperature not only globally but also locally. 
  2. Basic adjustments help you set exposure and dynamic range for specific parts of your photo. 
  3. Adjust Vibrance, Saturation, and Polarization locally with the new Color adjustment. 
  4. Easily correct highlights and RGB channels with the Tone Curve as needed. 
  5. Make Color corrections to any part of your photo, even locally. 
  6. With (the new) Color Toning option, you can change the mood of your photos more easily and in greater detail. 
  7. (Newly) added in the local tools is Noise Reduction, which allows you to remove noise from specific areas. 
  8. The sharpening correction option was previously available in local adjustments under Basic adjustments. Now, you’ll find it at the bottom in the Sharpness section. 
  9. Lastly, there’s the Cover with Color function, which lets you overlay specific areas of your photo with a chosen color that you can adjust in terms of intensity and mode.

Want to learn more? Read our article on local adjustments.

Watch our video to see what features you can find in the new ZPS X version for local adjustments and how to work with them.

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