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Photographing Models in Different Environments II – Architecture and Interiors

Busy streets, modern architecture and stylish cafés, but romantic nooks breathing with history. Or do you fancy taking pictures in an attractive interior or in the privacy of your own place? In an urban area, none of this is a problem. Read the second article of series. This time we focus on photographing portraits in the city. Whenever you will want to photograph anything mentioned, you shall value our tips.

Retouch More Naturally. Use the Power of Frequency Separation!

Retouching has long been more than just removing pimples. Retouching tools are constantly improving, and today you can retouch portraits more conveniently and effectively than ever with tools based on “frequency separation.” These let you adjust skin’s color without blurring its structure, or for example soften wrinkles without discoloring the skin.

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