TOP 10 Photos from Our Readers – Theme: Fall Colors

TOP 10 Photos from Our Readers - Theme Fall Colors

In the magazine, The Learn Photography you regularly find inspiring articles from the world of photography. We are interested in how you handle edits and adjustments, and how successful you are in realizing your skills. In our latest challenge, we chose the theme: Autumn Colors.

The theme Fall Colors can be interpreted in several ways, and we are pleased that this challenge has led you to explore different areas. The editorial team received many beautiful captures of animals, autumn portraits, and architecture from all corners of the world. We thank all our readers who sent us their photos. We carefully reviewed all the images and selected the top 10 in the editorial office.

1. Petra Navrátilová 

TOP 10 - Theme Fall Colors, Petra Navrátilová
Pasecký Waterfall, located in the Olomouc Region of the Czech Republic, on the Teplička River.

2. Marta Pančochová

TOP 10 - Theme Fall Colors, Marta Pančochová
A walk through the autumn forest is always interesting; the rustling of fallen leaves, numerous uncollected mushrooms, and occasionally, the sun peeks through.

3. Pavel Míček

TOP 10 - Theme Fall Colors, Pavel Míček

4. Michal Kolář

TOP 10 - Theme Fall Colors, Michal Kolář
It was a gloomy autumn day, one of those when it’s challenging to find a suitable place and subject for photography. Instead of focusing solely on the treetops, I started observing what was beneath me. I noticed raindrops clinging to fallen leaves, resembling tiny pearls. The photo may not be as visually striking in terms of autumn colors, but it simply captivated me. The idea sparked, click :).

Nikon D750 ISO280 | f/3.2 | 1/80 sec | 70 mm | 0ev Tamron SP 70-200 mm F/2.8 Di VC USD G2 Editing in Zoner.

5. Marta Čížková

TOP 10 - Theme Fall Colors, Marta Čížková

6. Lucie Vodrážková

TOP 10 - Theme Fall Colors, Lucie Vodrážková

7. Petr Salon

TOP 10 - Theme Fall Colors, Petr Salon
I’m not a fan of trains, but seeing a fully operational “434.2186” steam locomotive, nicknamed “Four-Wheeler,” born more than 100 years ago, live was definitely an experience.

8. Antonín Havlát

TOP 10 - Theme Fall Colors, Antonín Havlát
The colorful autumn has a lot to offer for photographers.

9. Manfred Neumair (DE)

TOP 10 - Theme Fall Colors, Manfred Neumair (DE)

10. Ladislav Wrzecionko

TOP 10 - Theme Fall Colors, Ladislav Wrzecionko
The photograph was taken in the morning between Rožnov pod Radhoštěm and Valašská Bystřice, where we have a cottage. Due to bark beetles, which led to the clearing of the forest, such views opened up to us.

Unfortunately, not everyone can make it to the top 10, but since we received many excellent photos, we want to share some additional ones with you in a gallery format.

Thanks for submitting: Záboj Hrázský, Jana Hrnková, Michael Kraus (DE), Marta Kalabová, Laurencia Helásková, Wojciech Pribula, František Slavík, Jana Odehnalová, Michal Kocúr a Ladislav Novotný. 

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See also how our ambassador Daniel Kasal dealt with the theme of Autumn Colors.

TOP 10 - Theme Fall Colors, Ambassador Daniel Kasal
Daniel Kasal

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