Top Articles of 2023: Your Favorite Topics

Top Articles of 2023: Your Favorite Topics

The year 2023 is behind us, and with the arrival of the new one, we’ve prepared a selection of the best from the ‘Learn Photography’ magazine for you. Refresh your memory and dive back into the topics and guides that captivated you last year. We’ve curated the top 10 most-read articles for you. Would you like to contribute to the content of your favorite photo magazine? Write to us.

The Art of Japanese Shibari

Shibari (Japanese for “bondage”) or Kinbaku (the name of the activity itself) is originally the Japanese art of bondage. These fascinating bondage techniques combine both sex and art. Consensual bondage is very visually stimulating and can be breathtaking, not only for the viewer. It is based on a close relationship between the binder and the bound—A relationship built on intimacy and complete trust. With such an intimate shoot, what role does the photographer play? 

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Understanding How Autofocus in Mirrorless Cameras Works and Its Limitations

It’s been some time since the days of purely manual focus lenses, and technology is moving forward at an ever-increasing rate. Today’s autofocus systems are almost incomparable to even the high-end DSLRs of 10 years ago. However, they still can’t read minds so it’s good to have a sense of how they work and where they can fail. 

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Soccer Game through the Camera Viewfinder & Telephoto Lens Review

Buying a new camera lens can be a long process, let alone choosing the right telephoto lens. Finding a lens for my Nikon Z6II was a tougher decision than it seemed at first glance. I’m going to walk you through my selection process step-by-step, taking into account my requirements and the current market offerings. I’ll explain why I ultimately chose the NIKKOR Z 100–400mm f/4.5–5.6 lens. This article will hopefully serve as a useful guide if you find yourself in a similar situation. 

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How To Remove Skin Glare from Photos

Noticeable skin glare in portraits can be a pain. Skin glare can often be removed during the photoshoot using makeup or powder, but it may not be enough, or you may simply forget to watch out for it. Some glare can be forgiven, but you’ll want to remove most skin glare in post-production. Luckily, it is not a very complicated process. 

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When To Shoot in Landscape and When To Shoot in Portrait Orientation

The question of whether to shoot in landscape or portrait orientation has probably crossed your mind countless times. The fact is, that landscape orientation wins most of the time. The human eye sees the world horizontally or in landscape orientation. That’s how cameras and most desktop imaging devices are designed. The predominance of landscape orientation has only recently been broken up by smartphones which, as we know, shift our perspective to vertical or portrait orientation. 

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Basic Adjustments for Livening up Dull Photos 

Sometimes we come home with pictures that are boring, dull, and uninteresting at first glance. Don’t beat yourself up over these pictures. Sometimes all it takes is a few basic adjustments to save a picture from ending up in the trash. Read on to find out what they are.

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Resize your photos. We’ll show you 3 ways

One key skill that every photographer needs to master is photo resizing. Cameras and phones take pictures in the highest possible resolution, which can often be more than you need. And then they end up taking up more space than you want. So here’s some advice on how to shrink your photos.

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Essential Travel Photography Gear: Pack Like a Pro

The sun is shining brightly again, and the time has come when most of us are furiously looking forward to vacation. That cocktail of excitement and anxiety that clutches your attention from the present moment. But before you take off in a hurry, make sure to carefully consider what camera and equipment to bring along so you can capture and preserve your experiences forever without being burdened by mundane concerns.

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Elevate Color Adjustments with 3D LUTs for Superior Results

Aseemingly unassuming feature with tremendous potential; color profiles that enhance your photos with a single click. These are “LUTs.” Let’s delve into how LUTs work and how to use them. 

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