Use Your Tripod Right!

A tripod is among a photographer’s most typical tools. You might think that with a tripod, you only need to plop your camera onto it to get attractive photos. But things don’t always work out, and sometimes you get unnecessarily blurred pictures. You might be surprised how many things can spoil your efforts. And meanwhile it just takes a bit of configuration to get a much better photo.

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AuthorVit Kovalcik

I’ve been a freelancer since early 2012; photography is my living. I acquired my photography experience, both inside and outside the studio, during the previous years—when I was working all day and taking pictures every evening and weekend. I don’t have just one clearly defined topic; I like photographing people, but also cityscapes and landscapes.

Comments (4)

  1. It can help stabilise your tripod if you hang a weight from it, A heay camera bag full of gear is fine!

    1. Hello Keith, you’re right. Hang a heavy bag from your tripod is helpful too. But you still need to eliminate tiny vibrations caused by the snapping of the mirror or by a stabilizing mechanisms.

  2. Paul van Beusekom

    My Panasonic gf 2 mirrorless slr is used often on a microscope. I found I have unacceptable unsharpness at higher magnification, which turned out to be caused by the mechanical shutter this model has. I overcome it by using very long exposure times (1 sec) and using a tablet stylus and 2 sec delay to fire the camera via the touch screen.

    1. Hi Paul, that’s a good idea! Thank you for your tip.

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