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Light painting, also known as luminography, can be defined as painting with light. It’s a creative photography technique where you use a light source and long exposures to create abstract images, light portraits, futuristic cityscapes, and more. Creativity knows no bounds!

The basic principle involves lighting the scene or subject, or simply drawing in the air with a light source while the camera captures this using a very long exposure.

By setting a long exposure, you achieve the blurring of motion and light trails.

You can work magic with just a simple flashlight

You can use a light stick, LED panel, laser, or a regular flashlight for your light source. You can’t go wrong with colored lights, which add even more charm to the photo.

The darker it is, the more the light stands out. That’s why you should only shoot after dark.

light painting
You can enhance your portrait with blue light.

But light painting isn’t just about creating colorful patterns. You can also illuminate an object using just one light. Here’s what you need:

The concept is simple. Illuminate the subject from various angles using one light. Then, stack the images on top of each other using layers and masks in the Editor module.

fopr, light painting

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