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The 5 Most-used Camera Filters

There are many filters out there that you can put on your camera lens. But in practice, most people will have no use for most of them. So let’s take a closer look at the ones that photographers use very often, and especially the ones that should be in every shutterbug’s camera bag.

Three Ways to Make Black And White Pictures

Black and white photography is an undying genre that was born alongside photography itself, and has easily survived the arrival of color film. Conversion of color digital photographs to black and white via software is still very popular today. We’ll take a look at three ways to use Zoner Photo Studio to make a color photograph black and white.

Framing a Picture

Paper photographs are much less common than in the past—today, most photos get viewed on a screen. They are still, however, the best-looking way to present your work. And a simple frame can make them look even better.

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