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The Golden Hour—An Ideal Photo Opportunity

Taking pictures in the Golden Hour is one of the most fundamental and simplest recommendations for taking better pictures. The Golden Hour is actually not one, but two hours daily: after the sunrise, and before sunset. During these hours, the light is softer, the shadows are longer, and the light temperature is significantly warmer. Read on for a few tips on why and how these everyday, but still extraordinary, time periods can be used for photography.

Editor’s Choice: Simple is Beautiful

Simple is beautiful. And that’s especially true in photography. Photographers often cook up various complications—maybe in composition, maybe in colors—when really sometimes all you really need for the perfect picture is simplicity. Take a look at some simple, and also very good, photographs we’ve found on Zonerama.

Is There Life After Picasa?

About a week ago, Google announced the end of its support for Picasa. The program’s actual development already stopped several years ago, but now we’re reaching its definitive end. And if you’ve been a Picasa fan, what now?

Editor’s Choice: Sky in Many Forms

The sky should be there in every landscape photo. Landscapes are a very popular topic for all nature lovers and travel lovers, as well as for non-photographer audiences. In today’s selection, we’ll took a look at both landscapes and skies—and their many forms. We’ve selected some of the best landscapes on Zonerama.

Eternal Storage Tech? 5D May Be The Answer

Scientists at the University of Southampton are claiming they have made a major step forward in the development of digital data storage that is capable of holding huge amounts of data with the ability to survive for billions of years.

Tint Your Photos Using Curves

There’s a simple way to tint your photos, and that way is to work with the Curves tool. The Curves tool, found in photo software like Zoner Photo Studio, is more than just a great way to tweak exposure. You can also use it for color toning. In this article we’ll show you how to use the Curves tool to adjust photographs’ color tones, for a better atmosphere and more artistic impact.

DIY: Shoebox Negative Film Scanner

Have lots of negatives stored away that you’d like to see on your computer so you can decide which negatives are worth developing—but negative scanners are too expensive for you? Make your own scanner in a shoebox. It’s cheap, quick, and easy.

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