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Presets: The Faster Way to Edit Photos

Exposure, contrast, black point, noise, sharpness, vignetting... there’s no shortage of things you can adjust in typical photo software. But sometimes you don’t have the time or aren’t in the mood to work with them one by one. Fortunately there are simpler ways to edit your photos too. For example, the settings called “Presets.” Try them and you’ll finish your edits in seconds.

12 Photo Clichés That You Should Avoid

We all want gorgeous photos. But sometimes we send our efforts in foolish directions. Clichés—endlessly repeated motifs and approaches—trap us in the talons of simple visual ingratiation and leave us creating photos that might look nice at first sight, but are otherwise uninteresting. Which clichés are these, and how do you avoid them?

Changing a Picture’s EXIF Time and Date

Are you prepared for the clock change? If you care about preventing chaos in your collection, then that preparation includes double-checking the date in your camera. But if you do end up with a bad time or date on your pictures, here’s how to fix this with help from Zoner Photo Studio.

Show Off Kids in Action With Longer Exposures

Most people go for freeze-frame when they’re photographing children. But sometimes it’s nice to mix things up. And to work with blurring, which can make pictures feel more dynamic. The trick is simple—a longer exposure. This also lets you use even cloudy, low-light days to your advantage.

Create Your Own Black and White Pictures

The magic of black and white has been with us since the dawn of photography, and meanwhile digital technologies still let you enjoy high-quality B&W even today. But now you don’t need a darkroom, color filters, or a refrigerator full of film cans with different ISOs. You just need a few mouse clicks.

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