30 December Photo Ideas

The whole year is full of photographic inspiration; you just sometimes have to know where to look. Certain topics are natural in December… but did you ever think about also seeking inspiration in completely normal things? Get inspired by our list of thirty topics you can shoot in December, and try to take at least one picture every day.

  • ☐ Letter to Santa
  • ☐ Family
  • ☐ Cooking and baking
  • ☑ Hot tea
  • ☐ Out the window
  • ☑ Candle
  • ☐ Shopping
  • ☑ Christmas market
  • ☑ Darkness
  • ☐ Favorite book
  • ☐ Afternoon walk
  • ☑ Church
  • ☐ Thermometer
  • ☐ Encounters
  • ☐ In bed
  • ☐ Sunday brunch
  • ☐ Mistletoe
  • ☑ Joy
  • ☑ Cookies
  • ☐ Friends
  • ☐ Wrapping paper
  • ☐ Recipes
  • ☑Festive table
  • ☐ Tradition
  • ☐ Visiting
  • ☑Christmas tree
  • ☐ Ornaments
  • ☐ Smile
  • ☐ Woolen sweater
  • ☑Sparkler

Inspiration from Zonerama

Author: Jirka Svoboda
Photo: Jirka Svoboda
Photo: eusebie
Photo: eusebie
Photo: Patrik Slezák
Photo: Patrik Slezák
Photo: Petr Ryp
Photo: Petr Ryp
Photo: Petr Janeček
Photo: Petr Janeček
Photo: Adam Dyśko
Photo: Adam Dyśko
Photo: Alucca
Photo: Alucca
Photo: dekoria-style
Photo: dekoria-style
Photo: Libor Čihák Junior
Photo: Libor Čihák Junior
Photo: Michaela Sopko
Photo: Michaela Sopko

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