6 Reasons to Use Layers in Your Photo Editing

Many people consider layers to be something complicated that an ordinary person can’t even understand. But they’re really something very simple that will help you and make your work easier on even the simplest jobs. Let’s go make layers a part of your work too!

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AuthorMatej Liska

I most love taking pictures of people. Weddings, portraits, graduation photos, balls... I am always in search of backlight, but I enjoy various types of lighting and mostly like to use shorter lenses. I love my Nikon, my guitar, and a kebab. You’ll find my photography on my website or on Facebook.

Comments (4)

  1. I think we have different definitions for simple. What you recommend seems very complicated to me. I’d rather stay in a single layer and keep copies where I want to retain alternatives. I get in a total muddle trying to manipulate layers. I think Photoshop tools can do pretty well everything without layers.

    1. Hello, John, we understand that it may seem complicated at first, but layers also offer many new possibilities, so it’s definitely worth to try. We are prepared to help you on support@zoner.com.

  2. I have been using layers in Photoshop for years over the course of my work in a history office.
    It was a bit of learning curve… but it has become second nature now and serves me well for clarifying and altering poorly stored and cared for images, slides, and documents to “almost their original” condition…
    All without altering or changing the original image. . .
    I believe you’ll have to create a series of tutorials using your own interfaces, and not rely on Adobe Photoshop tutorials, to bring people like John into the 21st century with their editing, compositing, and zoner skills. . .

    Until that time. . .

    1. Hello Erl, thanks for your comment. We are definitely going to do more tutorials on using layers.

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