Turn Your Photos into a Holiday Greeting

Nearly everyone sends greeting cards for the holiday season. But who really wants to get a store-bought card? The solution is simple—create your greeting out of your photos. Read on to learn how to do it.

Naturally, you need a good choice of a photo as a starting point. Once you find that photo, just open it in Zoner Photo Studio and start up the Editor. Using layers and especially text layers, you can create your holiday greeting in ZPS in minutes.

Add a Text Layer to Your Greeting

Once you’ve opened the photo in the Editor, click +Add Layer and then +Add Text. A separate layer with a text box is created automatically. You can go back to it to edit it some more at any time—just click on it in the Layers controls.

Add the text.

Write your greetings for the holiday season in the text box. Now move the layer to a suitable place so that your greeting is easy to read. Just select the layer with the greeting in the layer list, and then click and drag the text box.

Move the text to a better spot.

Perfecting the Text

To make your greeting easy to read, give the text a nicely contrasting color that won’t blend into the photo. Just right-click on the layer and use Effects > Edit Effects.

Add effects to the layer.

In this case, a dark shadow will help to highlight the white text.

A shadow will make your text more readable.

Share Your Greetings with Your Loved Ones

To quickly and easily send out your finished greeting right from Zoner Photo Studio, click the Share button. You can choose from among several options here, ranging from classical sending over email to sharing on Facebook or X (Twitter). 

Share your greeting and you’re done.

A New Year’s Greeting to Suit Your Taste

It’s all up to you whether you choose a classical paper greeting for the season or give preference to a digital one instead. And either way, Zoner Photo Studio will help you to make it from your pictures.

And don’t forget that you can download Zoner Photo Studio X and use it 7 days for free. So try out creating your photo greetings obligation-free and delight your loved ones with something original.

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