Give Your Old Photos New Colors

When you’re taking digital photos and their colors are globally shifted due to a bad white balance setting in the camera, the fix is a matter of moments in Zoner Photo Studio. You just set a neutral color using the white-balancing eyedropper. But what if you want to fix the colors in a scanned photo? One where the tooth of time has gnawed at the colors? Then you need some more demanding edits. So let’s take a look at how to fix this kind of picture, where time has left its mark on the colors.

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AuthorJan Zeman

I have worked in the field of digital editing since 1996. I started photographing in 2006 and from that moment, it has gradually become my main field of expertise. Professionally, I do portrait photography (, architecture, cityscapes, and also product/commercial photography. You’ll find a sampling of my work on the web at and other articles and photographs on my blog

Comments (2)

  1. This article is quite interesting.
    I have a lot of photos (negatives) from the pre-digital time and i’ve scanned some of them (that’s mainly a job for winter months …).
    You first edit your photo in the section of Zoner. And afterwards, you go to the . But isn’t the Curves Filter of the Editor not the same (as for the results) as the one in Develop ? And there is also a Shadow slider in the Editor.
    In the Editor one can come back to the original image in cancelling the edits. Furthermore, one can compare the edited image with the original (a function that is not present in the Developer).

    Anyway, I’ve learned some more interesting things about ZPS.

    1. Hello Andre,

      Thanks for your comment.

      You’re right, the Curves filter works practically the same in Editor as well as in Develop, although it looks a bit different. The main difference is between the two sections of the program (Editor and Develop). You have highlighted the advantages of the Editor yourself; as for Develop, it offers non-destructive edits: editing without downgrading the picture quality the way that Editor edits eventually do.

      We’re working on making as many functions available in Develop as possible, but not all of them could be included there in version 18. So for now it depends on what kinds of edits you prefer.

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