How to Make a Photo book

How to Make a Photo book

A printed photo always has more charm than a digital one because you can hold the memories you’ve captured in your hands. A photo book is a great way to bring all these memories together in one place. Choose your favorite pictures from your vacation or wedding and create a professional-looking photo book. It’s a great memento for you and makes a great gift for your loved ones!

In addition to editing your photos in Zoner Photo Studio X, you can also use it to create great photo products. One of the most popular photo products is the photo book. In the following article, read about how to create a photo book using your own photos that will preserve your precious memories for years to come.

Before starting a new project, make sure your photos have an sRGB color profile. ZPS X automatically creates one for you. When exporting photos, check to see that you have Do not change or sRGB in Color space. If photos with a different color profile are received, we cannot guarantee color fidelity.

Choose your photo book format and get started

To create your photo book, open the Print module in Zoner Photo Studio. Photo Book is the very first option. After clicking Photo Book, a list of previous projects appears, if you have any previously created projects. To create a new book, click the +Create New Project button.

Click Photo Book and Create New Project.

First of all, decide which photo book format you want. You have a choice of A4 (8.27×11.7”) landscape or portrait, as well as square books with 20cm (7.9”) long pages. HD options have the same dimensions, but the difference lies in the quality. HD photo books have the highest quality printing and materials done with new production technology. This new technology reduces the problem of folding in the middle section. We were able to flatten the book so much that you can add one photo to the whole two-page spread with minimal disruption at the fold. 

Choose your photo book’s format.

Choose colors for your photo book

The project color templates are laid out in a way that the background colors and font colors work together. But don’t feel that you have to use them. You can choose any colors you like. 

Customizable page layouts 

Under Page layout, you can find templates for each two-page spread. They are organized based on how many photos you have on the two-page spread. The templates are photos only, or photos with text. 

Depending on the number of photos per page the program will offer you appropriate templates

You don’t have to worry about the number of photos in the Page layout section. First, drag all the photos you want from the bottom filmstrip to the two-page spread. The program will then automatically suggest appropriate templates based on the number of photos. The templates will then adapt to everything you want to have on the two-page spread. 

Drag photos to the book from the filmstrip below.

Adjust the crop of the photos

To edit the photos on each page, double click the page to open it. Then position each photo so that it has the best composition. You’ll also find tools for rotating, fitting, or deleting photos. 

Double click to open the page and adjust the photos’ crop.

Do you want to add another picture or text beyond what is in the Page layout you selected? No problem! Add another photo, or add text using the buttons in the right panel.

Add an additional picture or text to the template using the icons in the right panel.

Fill or fit images

This subtle option is crucial and deserves your attention. When choosing Fill, the image takes up the entire frame. However, expect the image to be slightly cropped. 

Decide whether to crop or fit the image.

The second option, Fit, means that the images remain uncropped, but there will be some margins on the page. 

Fit the images to avoid any unwanted cropping.

The last option is Fit to Square, where the image is cropped to a 1:1 aspect ratio. In our opinion, Fill usually looks best, but you may find that an important part of the image is cropped. For this reason, you have these options to change the frame.

Try frames

Last but not least, see if your photos will look good with borders and frames. You can choose any color, square, or rounded. Use the sliders to adjust the width of the frame and how far apart the photos are. This doesn’t need to be set for each page in the book separately. To apply the same setting to all pages, click Set for all

Add frames to your photos and set their parameters.

Add captions

Some templates, including the cover page, include text boxes. Click to open a window and adjust text settings. 

Click the text box to add text.

 For some templates in Page layout, you’ll find text boxes at the bottom of the template. This allows you to add a story to accompany the photos, write where they were taken, or add a note that will come in handy when you open the photo book after some time.

Some templates include text boxes.

When your photo book is complete, you can save it as a PDF, print it, or click the Add to Cart button and your photo book will be delivered to your home.  

Save or order your photo book once it’s complete.

Create your own unique photo book today 

Download Zoner Photo Studio X free for 7 days to make your photo book today!  

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